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Have little baby beginning to add complementary after feeding, treasure mom can choose to eat a few fruits to darling, because more vitamin is contained a lot ofmostly inside the fruit, have a lot of profit to the body so, but a few fruits do not suit darling to eat really, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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For example watermelon if darling is too fastfood after watermelon can appear probably the circumstance of diarrhoea, so can the darling with how old watermelon eat?

The darling with how old watermelon can eat

Is darling how old does ability eat watermelon?

(1) 6 do not eat inside the month

A large number of fructose are contained in watermelon, can provide requires energy for human body. But, the function of darling intestines and stomach under 6 months stillSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Not development is mature, had absorbed polysaccharide cent to cause diarrhoea of tall ooze sex likely, go against healthy.

(2) is full 6 months are little eat

Darling growth is very rapid, when 6 months are controlled greatly, begin to add commonly complementary feed, right now allergic to alimental reaction is not so intense, can begin to eat watermelon. ButShanghai Long Feng forum

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Darling intestines and stomach is delicate, do not suggest to feed watermelon to him directly, best will on the westForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Melon extracts juice add water to be drunk to him, or in the mouth that dolly puts him.

Darling can eat how many watermelon, should mix according to his age water the capacity will decide. Cite a case, darling can drink the water of 100 milliliter, so the watermelon that everybody can give him to take 100 grams.

(3) is full one year old eats directly

Darling is full in the mouth after 1 year old already bud gives many teeth, right now everybody can feed small to him directlyShanghai noble baby

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watermelon. But watermelon sex is cool, the function of intestines and stomach of darling have not full-fledged, the quantity shoulds not be much, lest eat much cause the condition such as diarrhoea, bellyacke.

The darling with how old watermelon can eat

Darling eats watermelon to want what to notice:

1, watermelon eats much easy diarrhoea, so at the beginning must a few. Watermelon belongs to cool sex food, the baby eats more watermelon inside short time, can cause gastric juice dilute, plus the baby digestive function is done not have full-fledged, can appear serious gastric bowel function is disorder, cause vomiting, diarrhoea, dehydrate of as a result, acid is toxic wait for a symptom, endanger life. If the baby has diarrhoea, cannot feed more feed watermelon.

2, watermelon is summer melon and fruit, winter is unfavorable eat more. Squashy, fresh watermelon chooses as far as possible when the summer eats watermelon, for the health of intestines and stomach of darling, when the baby eats watermelon, get watermelon seed certainly clean, lest produce constipation or melon seed,enter by accident tracheal, produce risk.

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Love Shanghai is the same as a city

3, the watermelon that does not eat iced to darling, also do not eat the watermelon that takes in Gang Congbing box.

The darling with how old watermelon can eat

4, the heart declines or nephritis suffers from darling to should not be much eat watermelon, lest impose the burden of heavy heart and kidney, make the illness accentuates

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