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Watermelon is one of fruits that we often eat, can have watermelon all the year round selling, and have different variety, mouthfeel also differs somewhat. It is watermelon does not suit to be in only winter edible, because watermelon sex is cold. A lot of people can choose watermelon to add means edible of salt, but does watermelon add salt what to effect there is? Watermelon adds salt to have definite improvement to the inflammation such as oral cavity ulcer action, if voice agnail also is OK,eat some of watermelon to add saline food.

Watermelon adds salt to have what effect

Watermelon adds salt to have what effect

Watermelon adds salt to be able to treat the inflammation such as oral cavity ulcer.

We know watermelon itself has promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop fire of thirsty, clear hot have diarrhoea, detumescence is acetanilide wait for effect, and add salt, take the effect of the diminish inflammation of salt that fight bacterium again, both and joint action, more remarkable to inflammation action, yesLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The inflammation such as ulcer of remedial oral cavity is very effective.

If the agnail such as voice, gum, can cut watermelon into little place, dipping in salt eats (had better beForum of Shanghai night net

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Eat) in the evening, the symptom can be reduced at that time, after waking up the following day can apparent.

Watermelon adds salt sweeter it is how to return a responsibility

Try those who cross this kind to have a way to should know, eat watermelon to put salt, the meeting is sweeter.

1, the comparative effect that this is taste. Think on the tradition, the person can be received only through gustatory receptor acerbity, sweet, suffering, salty 4 kinds of flavour, they also are called ‘ primary taste ‘ . Delicacy is an independent flavour, still have particular controversy, because little taste is very bad,leave saline taste and self-existent. Do not pass our taste or a very complex system, mutual independence is not absolutely between all sorts of flavour, existing between them ” in coordination synergism ” , ” contrast is strengthened ” , ” quits ” , ” mask ” , ” evenly ” wait for a lot of correlation.

Contrast is had to enhance action between a few saline taste and many sweet taste, saline taste of low pH indicator can highlight alimental sweet taste, little taste, reduce at the same time acrid. Go up in watermelon so right amount the salt that drop a point, the sweet taste that lets watermelon not only is more outstanding, and this kind sweet more vivid still. Sweet taste is magnified, the sense is more sound, this is the comparative effect of typical taste. Adding bit of salt to promote sweet taste is the method that the metropolis in many deserts uses.

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2, watermelon dips in salt is sweet sweeter, look from biology, the passes through cellular film osmosis that cellular fluid has to flow to high concentration environment from low density environment, when watermelon adds salt, the moisture chroma of watermelon surface greatens, cause watermelon cell fluid from the cell permeate inside the wall come out, moisture is little, candy portion chroma becomes tall relatively, watermelon is more bright sweet, the action of heat of cool and refreshing solution is double.

Why should draft fruit add salt

The fruit is addedForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Salt has a way this kind, not only Japan has, china is common also. When for instance Hainan person eats Yang Tao, should use a bit brine or spill a bit salt. When eating pineapple for instance again, also constant bubble brine eats. The albumen in restraining a fruit with brine on one hand is enzymatic, avoid ” plunge into the mouth ” , it is to highlight its sweet taste on the other hand. Still have, salt is OK reduce internal heat, some fruit anger are great, be like orange, pineapple.

Additional, from professional angle analysis, with fruit of bubble of leach of low density salt, can cause fruit cell dehydrate, moisture decreases, sweet degree of nature is tall. Dehydration still makes fruit brittleness increases, taste more tastily. Brine returns a few organic acid in OK and deliquescent fruit, also can increase fruity so sweet degree. In Hainan, major fruit can dip in bit of chili salt edible, salt eliminates the flavour with acerb fruit on OK and certain level, enhance mouthfeel of fruity Xian Tian.

Watermelon adds salt to have what effect

Generally speaking, the fruit with a bit strong character butLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Use this kind to have a way. And the fruit with soft texture, wait like banana, grape, if use saline leach to pass, mouthfeel may become poor.

“Taste is cheated ” caution ” invisible ” salt and candy

Although gustatory interaction gives food to bring more ” enough flavour ” mouthfeel, but also caused a kind ” taste is cheated ” , let a person be aware of hard sweet, salty wait for flavour to pass thick fact, and in imperceptible in absorb more quantity of heat, more natrium, such meetings create burden of very big energy to the body. Satisfied appetite at that time, can produce the feeling with thirsty mouthfeel however afterwards, weight still can rise, overmuch natrium and overmuch candy bring this.

Long-term food of tall salt high in syrup, return the sicken risk that can increase cardiovascular disease. So, like ” heavy taste ” person, scarcely wants too too capricious. Still choose the dietary render of delicate taste daily, avoid invisible the excessive of candy and salt is absorbed. Thick flavour food is OK big now and then fast a cheek1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, but unfavorable enjoy every day.

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