Good news of profit of stock prices share: Found an army 90 years to will come war industry board piece performance is brisk

2017 is to found an army 90 years, genetic land company gets attention fully, concept of war industry of Nanchang this locality make serious investment bid.

Nanchang is mutual appear on the market company 19, those who involve war industry concept have 4, it is Hong Do上海千花网

uhang sky respectively (18.64, 1.14, 6.51%) , couplet achieves photoelectricity (13.3, 0.09, science and technology of a person of extraordinary powers of 0.68%) , peaceful (12.37, 0.06, 0.49%) , China five share (10.65, 0.09, 0.85%) . Hong Douhang is empty on July 24 namely strong harden, it is war industry board piece one of started pioneers. Yesterday, hong Douhang leaves high for nothing 4% , closing quotation is small drop 0.06% .

Hong Douhang is most authentic Nanchang war industry for nothing, the company registers the ground, office ground to all be located in Nanchang. Annals showed 2016, hong Douhang is empty one of main products plane of K8 foundation train is compared with price上海夜网

of its freeboard sex, admirable dependability, high grade service safeguard held international the 70% portion of market of congener foreign trade, plane of L15 high coach combines world new generation to teach machine development high design of trend research and development, all sorts of demand that mature modern war drills to pilot technical ability, will effective promotion the 3rd, the training efficiency of air man of 4 acting battleplan and training level.

In the meantime, the straight Duan Wei such as Hong Douhang sky or airframe of C919 of homebred big airlines one supplier, begin to already flew to Chinese business from 2014 consign is high grade before airframe and in hind airframe product.

Insufficient is, outstanding achievement of Hongdou aviation near future not beautiful, although 2016 year do business income achieved 3.68 billion yuan, rose compared to the same period 3 into, but net benefit is only 11.04 million yuan, glided compared上海千花网

to the same period 86% . This year first quarter, hongdou aviation deficit 28.77 million yuan.

Couplet achieves photoelectricity, Taihaoke ability, China five share all is located in Nanchang, involve war industry concept. On July 24, couplet achieves science and technology of a person of extraordinary powers of photoelectricity, peaceful to go up more than 3% , china five share dropped 0.93% . Yesterday, three-ply go up all not quit上海贵族宝贝交流区


War industry board piece because found an army section and active上海千花网论坛

, return He Kailong share (25.48, 0.99, a announcement of 24 days of noon have 4.04%)7 month huge concerns. After this announcement is given out, open quotation helps triumphant dragon stock point-blank afternoon that day litre of harden, whole war industry board piece be driven. Yesterday, triumphant dragon share continues strong harden board, clinch a deal the quantity magnifies considerably, the rate that change a hand exceeds 6% .

Triumphant dragon share on July 24 noon announcement, invite a company at 81 found an army China is in during the section museum of people revolution war attends found an army 90 years thematic exhibition. This second exhibition will exhibit the fierce tiger of research and development of coact of limited company of car of the Zi Yanjing in company and Beijing annulus make one’s rounds flies to type armor multipurpose implement emissive car and make one’s rounds fly implement (play) .

Triumphant dragon share is one domestic civilian explodes enterprise, dominant product has medicine of modified ammonium deepfry, Peng to change column of medicine of saltpetre ammonium dynamite, emulsification dynamite, focus to wait. That day after harden, triumphant dragon share deputy total, Dong Bilin grand introduce to reporter of company of E of negotiable securities times, afore-mentioned ginseng are exhibited army in tasting, the company basically is in charge of the research and development of ammo part, still do not have order at present.

In addition, triumphant dragon stock represented on interactive platform on June 27, 2017, the company already obtained war industry to keep secret aptitude of 2 class aptitude, attestation of army sign system, getting weaponry to make permissive aptitude, at present army taste a project to pressing a plan in research and development, and step up army taste investment.

War industry board piece performance is relatively brisk 阿爱上海同城

still have Xin Jingang (47.27, 0.76, 1.63%) , belong to second new a category, strong this on July 24 harden, go up yesterday adjacent 6% . This company is engaged in high-powered metal base the research of composite material and goods, development, production and sale, the certain product of the company is a basis weaponry bear the new product that the demand of form a complete set that makes an unit researchs to develop, by subordinate subsidiary Kangtaiwei develops production.

As a result of war industry board piece go this year force is weaker, run considerably be defeated by Shanghai to point to, inside the industry drop general bigger, whole war industry board piece in incident next hopeful greet catalysis to rebound. (reporter Yu Dejiang)

Original title: Found an army 90 years to will come war industry board piece behave active duty editor: Li Xiaoling

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