Dispatch: N builds be good at friend of division courtyard N to appear on the market to go up greatly now 44% be faced to stop

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dispatch will be arranged according to bourse on July 19, n builds be good at friend of division courtyard, N two new appear on the market now. Up to distribute news dispatches, in pairs goes up新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

greatly 44% be stopped temporarily by bourse card, n builds division courtyard to quote 5.27 yuan, n be good at friend quotes 10.38 yuan.

Public data shows, share of be good at friend pursues the research and development of raw material of medicines and chemical reagents, preparation, production and sale. This add up to 63.5 million stocks are issued now, issue the price to be 7.21 yuan / , city新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

is filled with rate for 22.98 times.

Build division courtyard to be engaged in building building of design, green to seek advice, the business such as Wu of zoology town planning, general conviction. This add up to thirty-six million six hundred and sixty-six thousand seven hundred stocks are issued now, issu上海千花网龙凤论坛

e the上海千花网龙凤论坛

price to be 3.66 yuan / , city is filled with rate for 22.爱上海同城

96 times.

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