Sa heart Central Bank of latest news Korea: Dimensions of Han tourism deficit achieves the history highest

Sa heart Central Bank of latest news Korea: Dimensions of Han tourism deficit achieves the history highest

The statistic that Korea Central Bank announced on May 4 shows, this year first quarter, dimensions of deficit of Korea service trade achieves the history highest. Han intermediary analysis thinks, this basically is opposite by China Han deploy Sa Decai takes revengeful measure be caused by.

Korea ” inferior fine inferior economy ” say 4 days, korea Central Bank announces 4 days watch of balance of balance of payments showed in March 2017, in March, korea often account surplus is 5.93 billion dollar, since March 2012 successive 61 months maintain favourable balance. But include travel, carry the service project that waits for an industry to receive defray to show massive trade deficit. Deficit dimensions amounts to 8.86 billion dollar first quarter this year, achieve new tall. Only in March, deficit is as high as 3.27 billion dollar.

” inferior fine inferior economy ” say, service project receives defray to show massive deficit, basically cause by travel and carriage industry depression. Among them, tourism is the heavy disaster area that Chinese Sa heart retaliates, dimensions of total first quarter deficit is 3.74 billion dollar. According to statistic, korea left the country this year in March the number is 1.94上海贵族宝贝论坛

million person-time, increase compared to the same period 23.7% . But enter a country the number decreases compared to the same period 11.2% , for 1.23 million person-time. Among them, be restricted by Chinese government Hanling is affected, chinese tourist visited Han上海千花网交友

number to be 360 thousand person-time only March, decrease compared to the same period 40% , came on March 16 this year on April 9, pelter of number of tourist of the China that visit Han 63.6% .

To answer Chinese tourist to be decreased suddenly, korea is attracting the tourist of southeast Asia and Japan energetically. Han couplet company says, korea sightseeing commune expresses 4 days, will mix 12 days to hold a road to act in Malaysia kuala lumpur and Singapore early or late at 9 days, attract group of tourism of local meeting award actively to visit Korea. Day of Kui of Zheng of director of bureau of statistic of Korea bank economy (sound) the analysis thinks, korea attracts southeast Asia and Japanese tourist actively, the hope offsets the loss that Chinese tourist prediction of a person’s luck in a given year brings with this, b阿爱上海同城

ut th上海千花网论坛

is far cannot fill is whole cavity. He t上海千花网龙凤论坛

hinks, from 2008 since financial crisis, the deficit situation of Korea travel industry gets alleviating certainly, the contribution of backside just is the Chinese tourist that increases increasingly. If act of the heart that turn over Sa goes down continuously上海千花网

, income and expenses of Korea travel project casts off deficit prices hard.

Meanwhile, beautiful Han Jian still is continueing about the conflict of share of Sa heart charge. ” Korea pioneer signs up for ” say, the premier Huang Jiaoan of acting president post expresses on 4 days of last time press conferences in him, about issue of share of Sa heart charge won’t with American renegotiate. Same day, wen Shangjun of spokesman of Korea department of defense reiterates on routine press conference, of Sa heart build, operation and safeguard charge to just be assumed by the United States, korea government offers ground, highway and infrastructure to wait.

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