Spatio-temporal pass through dream is strange swim! ” regnal heart 3 ” information of newest game arena is given off

Ainikesi suffers Shikeweier fully below the banner expect your work ” regnal heart 3 ” gave off up to date information today, setting of world of partial dream game is given off again, come along below understanding of go ahead of the rest. This making book landed PS4/XBOXONE platform on January 25, 2019. · ” regnal heart 3(Kingdom Hearts III) ” it is Shi Aiqi issues classical 上海千花网论坛

set ” regnal heart ” newest add is made. Game is used visional 4 engine undertake making, the story will continue edge add ” regnal heart 3D ” story, what the world setting of this game chooses is before in making, mention ” Dark Seeker ” final canto, the story will describe the decisive battle with Xehanort. · is addition爱上海同城对对碰

al, game has perspective of the 3rd person, but NPC and other part join a battle is the world that becomes independent in its, this lets rectify a battle to become very luxuriant and exciting. The enemy’s AI is more complex also, so game can reflect a new dynamic bala阿拉爱上海同城

nce. · ” ARENDEL上海夜网论坛

LE ” world of ice and snow. Come from at the film ” An Na and queen of ice and snow ” game arena, all alone here pull group to will encounter in snow mountain and Ai Ersha, however the sadness that Ai Ersha is one face however, do not be willing to be close to everybody, everybody is at ease no less than chased after, caused new romance. · ” mysterious tower ” . All alone pulls 3 people to side with ” mysterious tower ” ongoing, and Xi Dezheng of Yi favour · they are waiting over, afte上海千花网

r exchanging important information, 5 people set foot上海贵族宝贝

on the brigade that solves troublesome adventure jointly. · cramped of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is organized mysteriously ” yuan XIII mechanism ” , have embroil with a lot of plot in game it seems that, and chieftain Great Master also is being advanced secretly ” war of key weapon knife ” · of plan · ·

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