Pass ” battleground 1 ” names of 9 map of Zhang Duo’s person divulge sandiness desert and naval battle

” battleground 1 ” because be one battle set, vermicelli made from bean starch is more curious to the much person mode of game, do not know DICE can be brought change what kind ofly. However allegedly ” battleground 1 ” name of much person map was divulged come out, probably from which the detail that we can know pattern of a few much people.

This divulge come from at a player. He is below release ” battleground 1 ” the explanation of maps of 9 Zhang Duo’s person and his individual.

Express according to this player, disclose according to his message personage, ” battleground 1 ” the name of much person map of final game may change, current nevertheless till, they call this.

Still be that word, before EA did not affirm with DICE government, we still regard it as in light of the rumor. ” battleground 1 ” demonstrate newly to will be on the EA Play June 13 open.

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