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As ceaseless progress of the society, now our taking exercise is not to relying on his to take exercise only. More returning is to relying on a few equipment to exercise. The achieves fitness result with such better word, among them muscle implement namely1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Commonly used a kind of equipment that arrive. Although say everybody often is used, but specific to equipment can useful what still understand to those place is very clear. So, muscle implement Where is the muscle of experienced where?

Muscle implement the muscle of experienced where

Muscle implement main function: Exercise brachial ministry muscle group, antebrachium wrist flexor.

Muscle implement exercise method and note to use a method: 1. Two arms bend, inFall in love with the sea

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Neck hind curves bedspring forcibly. 2. Two arms are forward, upsweep bedspring, loosen next. 3. Two arms to draw close before the bosom, curve bedspring, next unbend, loosen slowly. 4. Stand, bipod is apart, right elbow bends, curve bedspring with left hand, next left elbow bends, curve bedspring with the right hand. 5. Two arms to back, press spring, bend gradually to next unbend next.

1: The method with experienced best abdominal muscle still is sit-ups, do 100-200 every time, 20-30 it is 1 group, want to do 5 groups the least, want specificly to treat individual condition. Can add bit of weight appropriately, the hand takes a dumbbell or discus of what, put after the head, the effect moreNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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2: Push-up also can exercise abdominal muscle. When remembering fitness, scarcely wants one-time accomplish tired, want to be done in group, just have the effect, also be to do 100 or so every time commonly, divide 5 groups at least, specific treat him condition and decide.

3: The hand is caught pinnacled, make the body perpendicular and impending, lumbar abdomen exerts oneself to do sth. upgrade carries, make double leg and the upper part of the body show 90 degrees, notice the body does not want rock, other place does not want to exert oneself to do sth. , also be to be done in group.

4: If abdomen is adipose more, want to hold to motion having oxygen, ran is very effective, can subtract redundant and adipose, those who make muscle better show come out.

Experienced abdominal muscle and other muscle are different, must stimulate it ceaselessly, have to accomplish every time so dog-tired, ability achieves the result, the interval among had better be controlled in a minute. Accomplish 6 groups or so. 2 food respect must be paid attention to strengthen high protein and tall adipose. Moving every time second half the hour is controlled to a hour is the height that protein absorbs. The attention eats the food of bit of high protein.

Among them muscle implement note: 1. Check muscle before use please implement each join position is firm, without shake a phenomenon. 2. The muscle that chooses to suit level of him physical ability please implement, lest pull injury muscle. 3. When using, should be shown according to Zun Tu, muscle implement the safety belt that go up covers handle to go up in the artifice. 4. When using, should choose to take exercise relative to capacious field, lest get off one’s hands injures a person. 5. The proposal is 12 years old of the following children do not use muscle implement.

It is good that the attention when be being used additionally does not pull muscle, do not need to practice every day, because muscle also needs sufficient rest.

After the content introduction that passes above, everybody should know muscleSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Implemental body is the muscle that exercises that place. Itself muscle implement serving as an equipment is to fitness the respect is having very good fitness effect. It is everybody notices to using muscle only implement when what note has what attention, also be to assure the health of the body so.

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