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It is to be able to reach height 2. Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Of 1cm, and the spermary on the right side of can compare left tall 1cm to control relatively, it is to present egg circle commonly body and harder. The spermary of friend of each person man is differentShanghai noble baby

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Of size, of the length that this music fine essence of life runs and amount is relative, the length that we can understand spermary is wide tall, it is normal that the method that uses calipers next undertakes whether spermary is belonged to metrical.

 The spermary of normal man has how old

Spermary is to be located in energy demand lower end, wrap up is inside scrotum, control each one, the egg round body with two a bit flat side, general on the right side of than left make an appointment with 1cm high, than left and a few more largish, character is stronger also. Generally speaking, of the weight of spermary and body than for 0.076% , the size of spermary bulk depends on a fine essence canalShanghai noble baby

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The difference of length and amount. Understand this one common sense to can let more people, choose a few kinds to detect commonly usedly below method:

Callipers measures a way

This law does not accept conditional restriction, the result is relatively accurate, but relatively between take time. The long way of spermary, wide path, thick way is measured respectively with callipers when measuring, give the bulk of spermary according to formulary computation next.

 The spermary of normal man has how old

Spermary bulk (Cm3)= grows way (Cm) × wide path (Cm) × thick diameter (Cm)

Spermary bulk measures measuring implement

According to the volume that has counted beforehand, the record that makes different bulk seems the elliptic good thing of spermary, it is 1 ~ according to size grade 25, when measuring, pull spermary, skin of take up scrotum, will measure quanta (namely spermary model) compare at the one by one other spermary, with spermary size close measure quanta bulk to be able to regard spermary as bulk. This is international compares current spermary volume to measure a way, the spermary bulk of male of our country normal manhood (include scrotal skin inside) , its size scope is 15 ~ 25.

Displacement law

This is method of a kind of prior. Pull below the spermary that when measuring, will be measured, take Wen Shui (25 ℃ are controlled) inside the container that park has scale, make the spermary that next pulling sinks completely Yu Shuizhong. Water measures addition milliliter to count the volume that serves as spermary after spermary immersion, use lesser already now.

 The spermary of normal man has how old

To our country 23 ~ have 45 years old bear normally history the result that healthy man investigatesForum of Shanghai night net

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For, left spermary is average long, wide, thick, it is respectively 3, 2.5, 2.1(cm) . On the right side of spermary is average long, wide, thick it is respectively 4, 2.4, 2.2(cm) , birth male and not bulk of spermary of Yo male left and right sides differs not remarkable. Because the difference of bulk of normal man spermary is bigger, bulk of same and individual two side spermary also has certain difference, the outcome that measures consequently canShanghai noble baby

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As reference. Should combine the examination result of other side to the judgement of spermary development state of affairs and fertility, try integration analysis.

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