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Having a headache is very common disease at ordinary timesShanghai night net

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Shape, most person has had headaching experience, because the body state of everybody is different, headachy position also is met somewhat difference, some people often are right aches quite, some people often are left headaches quite, if appear for a long time,slant headaching symptom, had better be to go to a hospital be being checked, make a thorough investigation of Hunan slants clarity reason, have treatment to disease next.

 Why often right headaches

Why often does right headache?

Physical reason: ? Provide for Mo? Forum of Shanghai night net

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Inside the head or outside existence inflammation perhaps is injured, also may be it is to have a few what thing grew inside brain, this thing oppresses the cell of a few organizations inside the head, bring about right to have a headache so. Morpheus is brought about have a headache, morpheus is too little, sleep too much to may cause a headNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Absorb too much gourmet powder and gallinaceous energy. Gourmet powder still has the glutamic acid natrium inside gallinaceous essence not little, it is to be able to be brought about if the amount that absorbs so is too much those who have a headache. Abusive medicaments, medicaments has certain side effect, the side-effect of many medicaments has a headache namely. Can bring about after occurrence pathological changes of a few diseases have a headache, if humeral week is phlogistic. Humeral week is phlogistic it is very easy also that this kind of disease cured have a relapse, when this kind of disease breaks out, general meeting feels in the end is painful.

 Why often right headaches

Headache have what symptom

Headache degree has have gently heavy, aching time has long have short. Aching form is varied, common bilge painful, frowsty painful, tear off appearance appearance of ache of electrical shock appearance, pinprick is painful, painful, partial partner hasShanghai Long Feng forum

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Hemal beating feeling and head tighten band feeling, and the symptom such as disgusting, vomiting, dizziness. Afterwards hair sex has a headache to still can be accompanied symptom of other systematization disease or body are asked for, if constant companion has infection sex disease,give out heat, hemal pathological changes often accompanies hemiplegia, break the nerve function such as language to be short of caustic symptom to wait. Have a headache to produce different harm according to degree, be in a bad way can make the patient loses the life and working ability.

Headaching remedial principle

Have a headache cure includes to medication and be not medicaments physics to treat two shares. Remedial principle includes to treat two fields to disease processing and the primary affection. Former hair sex has a headache the afterwards hair sex that acute breaks out and the pathogeny cannot correct instantly has a headache can give acetanilide wait for pair of disease cure to have a headache with stop or be being reduced symptom, at the same time Yi Ke needle accompanies a symptom to wait like swimmy, vomiting to having a headache give pair of proper disease treatment. Explicit to the pathogeny afterwards hair sex has a headache should as early as possible purify pathogeny, if the infection inside skull should refuse infection treatment, the high pressure inside skull person appropriate dehydrate falls skull pressing, the tumour inside skull needs operation excision to wait.

Headache how to prevent

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1, avoid adverse to you food, should notice other meeting causes the food that have a headache, if hot dog is reached a few bloat be soiled food, they contain nitric acid, this chemistry material will be outspread hemal, cause acuteness have a headache. Additional, also should avoid gourmet powder.

2, reject chocolate. Chocolate contains caseous amine, this is to cause those who have a headache is mainA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Suspicious other people, drupe reachs age male cruel to also contain caseous amine, should avoid.

3, prohibit smoking, smoking can produce carbon monoxide to have negative effect to the blood stream of cerebral ministry, smoking also can be affected beside person.

 Why often right headaches

4, little drink. Carouse bout, do not have probably hinder greatly, but drink excessive but bad. Caseous amine also is contained in firewater.

5, sample slowly ice-cream. You still may be written down so that Hong Lin once put on the ice below swobble, appear subsequently an acuteness headache.

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