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Living conditions is better and better, a lot of people because food, stay up late wait for a problem to appear 3 high cases, and the age gradually young change. Although the old people in also having a lot of is done not have 3 tall, also can have high blood pressure, and be in headachy circumstance appears when season changes. This is the change as a result of air temperature, outside element brings about his blood pressure to be not stabilized, appear thereby headachy circumstance, right now the patient needs to maintain relaxation mood to face. If not be clear that blood pressure cites a reason that have a headache high, will understand well.

Blood pressure is high headaching reason

What is hypertension causes a painful cause

Fantasticality of the weather when seasonal replace, the blood pressure of hypertensive patient often fluctuates as the change of air temperature fluctuant, bring about headachy occurrence thereby. Having a headache is the symptom that hypertensive patient often appears, its cause a cause varied, it is hypertensive itself sometimes the; that cause is spirit sometimes het-up the; that cause is more serious is, it is returned butShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Can be apoplectic augural.

From this the expert points out, the different development phase with the age of place, property and degree and patient, hypertensive headache of hypertensive patient and degree have certain dependency.

Blood pressure is high headaching reason

One, nervous sex has a headache

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Toward happen in hypertension wave motion of inchoate, blood pressure is in the patient of ~ 90mmHg of 130 ~ 140/85, it is person of black prime of life more, and have a headache a side of much bureau be confined to or the thereinbefore ministry of two side and occipital. This kind of circumstance often by the patient long-term vitality is het-up, or get suddenly intense stimulation, blow cause, often accompany while blood pressure lifts 2, have a headache completely

Blood pressure is fluctuant at ~ 100mmHg of 140 ~ 160/90 person the old people in be more, its have a headache can diffuse to reach the sun to thereinbefore ministry, orbit from neck occipitaliaA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Acupuncture point, have a headache to be beating sex more painful, constant more acuteness. Blood pressure is fluctuant at ~ 120m of 160 ~ 190/95Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Between MHg person, be in the majority with old people. Have a headache Chang Weiquan has a headache, much not acuteness, often accompany dazed, swimmy, head heavy, tinnitus or head cry etc.

Blood pressure is high headaching reason

3, the head is apoplectic

The person that blood pressure wave motion is between ~ 120mmHg of 160 ~ 190/95 often is accompanied have the other disease such as pathological changes of diabetic, coronary artery, tall lipemia. When the patient abrupt blood pressure rises when, often appear tic of recognizant faintness, whole body, have a headache, eyesight of acuteness vomiting, provisionality is lost wait for a symptom. Patient family member thisLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Await must cause vigilance, this is probable it is the head is apoplectic alarm dispatch, must send the patient to the hospital immediately.

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